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Hey there... My name is Miles Beckler and I want to share a quick story with you.

Right now, my wife and I run several highly successful internet based businesses... But a few short years ago we were flat broke, I had $50,000 in student loan debt and we were struggling to make money online.

It wasn't until I built our first sales funnel on our WordPress site that things really started to click for us!

With a bit of A/B testing of our layout and headlines, I was able to get our opt in rate to over 45% and our email list began to explode!

A few months later we added on an OTO, or "One Time Offer" where we presented a paid offer for one of our products, immediately after the opt-in...

At this point, our revenue began to explode.

This was the time when I paid off nearly $50,000 in student loans with the profits our funnel was creating...

Eventually I made the HUGE MISTAKE of switching over to one of those over-hyped 'funnel systems' because I was all in on funnels...

The system was (and still is) full of bugs, had a frustrating learning curve, their support was non-existant and the worst part?

Their funnel system was 'dropping' payments and giving my products away for free to non-paying customers...

What a disaster!

It was this moment when I knew I needed help getting back on to WordPress.

I reached out to a developer friend who I had known for several years after meeting at an internet marketing conference... Dave Wooding.

Dave is an expert in automating, integrating and all around dominating the back-end of just about any web based system.

Dave quickly helped me devise and execute a plan to migrate my entire membership site off of the CrapFunnels system and back onto Wordpress.

The whole process took minimal time and effort from me, so our 'marketing machine' never had to slow down.

The entire project got done with an incredible attention to detail and today, over a year later, our membership site is stronger and more profitable than ever, thanks to Dave's help and his team of WordPress experts.

Over the last year, I've kept Dave on as a part of my team to help me add more automations, segmenting and really 'making the most' out of my marketing funnels and sales processes.

My revenue continues to grow and I now know that having Dave as my 'behind the scenes funnel guy' has been the biggest increase in my revenue because I am no longer drowning in the tech!

I am able to stay focused on creating new offers, testing new headlines, running new ads and testing new OTOs, while Dave and his team have got my back on all the tech stuff.

A couple weeks ago, I asked Dave if I could share his help and expertise with integrations, WordPress development and marketing automations with YOU!

You see, I've run several surveys of my 50,000+ YouTube subscribers and my growing email list...

I'm constantly asking "What is your #1 biggest challenge with making money online?"

And every single time, a majority of people respond "I am overwhelmed by all the TECHIE CRAP I have to deal with to get my funnels working..."

Do you feel that way too?

...Like the whole process of building out your funnels is the sticking point holding you back from the real 'work' you need to be doing?

Because you need to be creating new products to sell your audience!

You need to be creating new opt-in reports for your opt-in pages...

You need to be A/B split testing new headlines to see what offers your audience responds to!

You need to be content marketing and publishing YouTube videos or blog posts, daily!

You need to be emailing your list daily to grow the relationship and offer even more value to your subscribers...

But instead, most people are drowning in the tech...

From the constant WordPress updates, to trying to customize your theme to make your blog look great...

From setting up your opt in funnels, integrating with your autoresponder...

Making sure your WordPress site is secure from hackers and backed up, daily...

Even creating the product delivery area and connecting your shopping cart to your autoresponder and content delivery plugin...

There is a TON OF WORK that has to be done on the back-end of your website to make sure it WORKS when your visitors go through your funnel.

And if you are spending all your time fiddling about with the back-end of the website, who is creating the content, ads, headlines and emails that your prospects and future customers require before buying?

This is the modern day digital entrepreneur's paradox.

You want to get your message out to the world... But the tech and the 'how to' sucks up all your time and energy.

This is exactly why I asked Dave if he and his team would be willing to help you get your funnel up and running... And then to be there for you, long term, to manage your updates, your backups, to integrate your email list, to setup new A/B split tests, to build out your new funnels and to help you implement the advanced marketing automation when you are ready to graduate to that level.

He agreed... And as of right now, you have the chance to get my integration specialist and his entire WordPress development team working for you, for one flat fee.

Now, my developer in the Philippines costs me over $1200 per month to manage my 3 wordpress sites... That is about $400 per site...

But you won't have to pay $400 per site.

For Dave's help and his team's time and expertise to build and manage your funnels, our target price is $197 per month for an unlimited number of tasks on your WordPress site each month...

But you won't have to pay $197 per month if you act now.

Dave and I are looking to bring in a group of 'beta testers' for this new service...

Our goal is to build out a complete set of standard operating procedures, detailed workflow and a few RAVING testimonials from clients who have experienced explosive growth through their online business with Dave's team running the funnel development.

So, for a limited time, the price will be only $99 per month for our beta testers!

Keep in mind, this price is just a marketing test, right now... And we may raise the price at any point if needed.

For this flat fee of $99 per month, his team will work on one task at a time, from building your opt in funel to setting up your new split tests...

From managing your WordPress updates, security and backups...

To customizing your blog theme and your homepage so you look professional and have a strong feeling of brand continuity through your entire site.

Adding pop-up opt in boxes and other in-text conversion tools to grow your list with your organic traffic, too.

The goal is to help you stay focused on your content... And giving value to your audience.

While Dave and his team of WordPress experts stay focused on the layout, updates and funnel tech that converts your readers into subscribers and customers!

Even if you don't have your site up and running yet, they can build it from scratch, for you... Helping you get the right hosting, the right Thrive Themes license and installing everythign for you...

Now, to keep the price at such a low, 'no brainer' monthly price, they can not work with every theme and every platform.

Their focus is 100% on websites running on WordPress and using the Thrive Themes family of themes and plugins, only...

These are the exact themes and tools I use to run my business that has generated over $1,000,000 online... And this is the only platform and theme I recommend for all of my students.

If you are interested in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have with Dave, my integration specialist... And his team of world-class WordPress delveopers, click the button below and complete the application form, now.

Dave will personally review your application and if you are accepted as a candidate for this first group of beta testers, he will be in touch.

If the beta test group is full, we will keep your application on file and let you know when we are bringing in the next round of digital entrepreneurs as our goal is to scale slowly to make sure we are able to deliver unlimited world-class funnel development services for each and every client.

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